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Compatible with all types of material, (ductile iron, steel, etc.), tapping collars by Saint-Gobain PAM benefit from ductile iron’s inherent properties, which include :

  • resistance to corrosion : with their thick epoxy coating, parts are better protected from aggressive environments for increased durability ;
  • robustness : the tapping collars for ductile iron pipes are solid; they never lose their shape and maintain the entire integrity of the ductile cast iron pipeline and the watertightness of the joint.
    Note: The length of the tapping collars designed for use with PVC or PE tubes has been optimized in order to reduce the possibility of creep or loss of shape in PE tubes ;
  • watertightness : the watertightness system with a single block for ductile iron pipes, and the one with two components for plastic tubes, ensure the watertightness of the collar with the tube and the valve.

Tapping collar for cast iron pipes :

  • DN 60 to 400 mm with M40 x 3 tapping
  • DN 60 to 400 mm with M55 x 3 tapping
Tapping collar in ductile iron for PVC tubes and PE tubes :
  • DN/OD 50 to 225 mm with M40 x 3 tapping
  • DN/OD 75 to 225 mm with M55 x 3 tapping
Tapping collar for use with various materials in ductile iron for cast iron or steel pipes, and PVC or PE tubes :
  • DN/OD 75 to 234 mm with M40 x 3 tapping
  • DN/OD 88 to 336 mm with M55 x 3 tapping
Flanged tapping collar for cast iron and steel pipes :
  • DN/OD 168 to 460 with flange DN 80 or DN 100


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