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Butterfly valves

Valves & hydrants

Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves are used as isolating devices on pipelines. Operating, in general, in either open or closed position; they can be used in certain cases to adjust the flow rate. The butterfly valve's shut-off moves in the fluid by rotating around an axle, which is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid. 

Saint-Gobain PAM offers two types of butterfly valves : concentric and eccentric (with double eccentricity). These products comply with the EN 1074­2 standard and present the following characteristics:
  • a resistance to corrosion with a 250 µm epoxy powder coating on the internal and external surfaces in the standard version ;
  • components that come into contact with drinking water are certified as compatible with health and safety regulations in force ;
  • a wide range of (manual, electric or pneumatic) actuators ;
  • a wide range of maneuvering accessories suitable for all installation types.

Depending on the opening, butterfly valves can be used to adjust the flow rate by means of head losses. Saint-Gobain PAM offers a full range of high performing ductile iron butterfly valves.


Saint-Gobain PAM’'s WAFER and LUG range is suitable for low pressure and all types of fluids