611, 612, 613 Air Valves for Potable Water

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Air Valves for Potable Water

potable water air valve rangeSingle and double air valves protect pipelines from the adverse effects caused by the accumulation of air in high points or at odd points in the networks:
  • total or partial interruption of the flow by the presence of an air pocket in a high point of the network
  • water hammer due to the depressurization of the pocket of air or its displacement within the pipes
  • loss of prime in pumps and traps

Single Air Valves

Single air valves allow low flow degassing of the air that has accumulated in the highest points of pipelines that are in operation (0.3 bar). They are available with 4 different types of connectivity : with or without a flange, with a valve and with no particular specificity.
  • low flow single air valve : PFA 10, 16 and 25 bar
  • single air valve : multiple drilling flange DN 40­50­60, PFA 10,16 and 25 bar
  • high pressure single air valve : DN 100, PFA 40 bar

Double air valves

Double air valves have three functions :

  • evacuation of air at a high flow rate when pipes are being filled ;
  • intake of air at a high flow rate when pipelines are being drained (protection of the network against a pressure drop in the pipelines in the case of a main being broken) ;
  • degassing at a low flow rate when in operation.


611, 612 and 613 suitable for release/ingress of air during filling/draining of the line.

Technical details

  • Diameter range: DN50-150 and 1" (613)
  • Expels air whilst at operating pressure
  • Maximum operating temperature 90°C
  • Supplied with insect mesh as standard (611 & 612)
  • Blue fusion bonded epoxy coated

Key Features & Benefits

  • Low weight combined with a robust design ensures ease of installation
  • Minimum number of working parts ensures valves require minimal maintenance

Options available

  • Ball or Butterfly Valve Isolating valve
  • Piped outlet
  • Bib/drain tap (611 & 612)

Standards & Approvals

  • Compliant to BS EN 1074-4

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