VortX Floor Drainage

Soil, drain & rainwater

VortX Floor Drainage

A new simplified range of floor drainage products for all types of floor finishes: screed, tile or vinyl. Choosing floor drains shouldn't be complicated.

Technical details

  • Cast Iron trapped and non-trapped floor gullies 100mm diameter.
  • Full adaptor range to connect to smaller diameter pipework.
  • Cast iron shower drains in 50mm and 100mm diameter.
  • Gratings and rodding eyes in nickel bronze and stainless steel, standard finish or polished. Can be supplied with security screws. New range of anti ligature gratings
  • Range of accessories, inserts, raising pieces and adaptors.
  • Coating: All cast iron components grey epoxy coated.
  • Range of Stainless Steel gullies and channel gratings.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Simple range of components that provide complete floor drain solutions.
  • Removable bottle trap with a twist lock fitting of dip tube and cup (registered design).
  • Gratings NPSM or direct fit if no gully is required.
  • Innovative new P and S trap gully designs. S trap requiring only 180mm borehole providing significant cost saving opportunity.
  • Designed to connect to cast iron BS EN 877 systems VortX gullies will connect to any pipework material/system through a range of adaptors to standard couplings.

Standards & Approvals

  • Designed in accordance with BS EN 1253-1
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Customer Services:
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Videos and pictures
  • ED901 VortX Drain
  • ED902 drain
  • ED905 VortX Drain
  • ED907 VortX Drain
  • ED908 VortX Drain
  • ED901 VortX Drain
  • ED902 drain
  • ED905 VortX Drain
  • ED907 VortX Drain
  • ED908 VortX Drain
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