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A universally applicable wafer type valve. Lug type with threaded holes enables the one-sided lugging of pipes. Suitable for use in clean, dirty and sea water applications.

Technical Details Wafer/Lug Butterfly Valves

  • Diameter range: DN50 – DN 300
  • Can be installed in any desired position
  • Temperature range : -20°C to +160°C (lug) +210°C (wafer) dependant on pressure, medium and material
  • Operating pressure : max 16 bar
  • Low operating torque
  • Lever operated as standard

​Key Features & Benefits

  • Tight sealing with flow in either direction
  • Precision-machined bodies for perfect seating of the liner and precise positioning of the shaft
  • Shafts have multiple bearings giving optimal guidance even after many years of use. No contact corrosion
  • Shaft retainer guarantees blow-out resistance of the shaft
  • Continuous forming lobe for stabilising the liner
  • Sealing surfaces are mirror polished and guarantee low torque combined with tightness

Options Available

  • Worm gearbox operated
  • Actuator operated

Standards & Approvals

  • Compliant to EN 593     ce mark logo


Saint-Gobain PAM’s WAFER range is assembled using rods and nuts. This valve is installed above ground in order to reduce congestion. It is suitable for low pressure and all types of fluids. Intervention on this product is to be carried out when the network is not under pressure.

WAFER butterfly valve DN 40­1200 PFA 16 bar
AUMA three-phase motorized WAFER butterfly valve DN 40­1200


The LUG range is installed using bilateral screws and no nuts. LUG is assembled above ground to resolve problems of congestion. It is a range that can be adapted for all types of fluids and constraints. Like WAFERLUG possesses two friction points. This gate valve is used to dismantle one side of the installation while keeping the other side under pressure and in full operation.

LUG manual butterfly valve DN 40­100 PFA 16 bar
AUMA three-phase motorized LUG butterfly valve DN 40­1000


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