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I started at Holwell in 2013 as temp, I had just relocated to England having served the previous 5 years in the British Army in the Royal Engineers. I began as a temp assembling products in finishing.  Early doors I could see potential career paths within Saint-Gobain and started to map my desired career route. I made clear to my manager that I wanted any opportunities to demonstrate my leadership credentials. I pursued the opportunity to be an Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) rep alongside joining a PAM UK working group for EHS as this gave me a platform to improve our site, take some responsibilities, whilst also allowing me to network within PAM UK.

After being onsite over a 1 year I approached HR to enquire about available roles within PAM UK. Specifically, I expressed that I wanted to work in a more technical role. I was offered the opportunity to interview for a training role within the NPD team, for which I was successful.

My new Manager was very supportive, we had regular one to ones which helped me establish myself within the team and continue my professional development. With this support over the last 6 years’ in NPD I progressed to where I am today, as Product Development Manager.


Hi I’m Lisa.  I joined PAM 25 years ago as a language graduate and my first role was with the Customer Service team as a Coordinator.  It was a great place to start my career at PAM due to the variety of departments that the team interacts with on a daily basis. It gave me a good understanding of how the business works and gave me the opportunity to work alongside various managers which was then how I moved on to my next role.  I have had quite a few different roles through the years and have worked for lots of departments including Contract Support, Marketing, Business Support, Commercial Reporting and Finance.  About 4 years ago I came full circle and moved back to Customer Services in an interim role as team leader which later in the year led to me becoming promoted to my current role.  It has been the hardest job so far but also the most rewarding.

Through the years I have received some great training, career coaching and have benefited from working for some really inspiring managers. I think if you are hard-working, open to change and willing to give anything a go, my experience has been that Saint-Gobain will support you in your career and help you to develop to reach your full potential.





My name is Drew Stevens and I’ve been working at Holwell Works now for nearly 5 years. I spent two years previous to this back in 2008 as a temporary worker in the finishing department, I came back in 2017 working in the moulding department on the core stage, I worked on this role for roughly six months whilst spending my weekends in the Sand Plant. At my six monthly review my manager then gave me the option of learning the sand plant full time. Having this responsibly of the sand plant grew my confidence in terms of the plant and also learning new techniques and helping others along the way.

During my time in this role I was involved in numerous projects related to the sand plant to reduce downtime and I also was involved in repairs and basic maintenance of the area. Within the year I trained as a first aider and had additional training with Bobcat/FLT licence to further help with my experience. An opportunity came up to learn the KW driver role. I started my training of KW Driver and after two months of training this was then my role for the next 8 months. Whilst in my role as KW Driver I was approached by my manager to apply for the role of Departmental leader on the opposite shift and with the help and support from my team I got the role and shortly after moved shifts and started my journey as Departmental Leader which is now my role at present. I’m now also doing some training around customer experience and how to better support my customers internally and externally, which is an eye opener and has already taught me a lot and given me tools I can use in the future. I’m about to start the Aspire training which is a year’s long management course to further develop my skills and make me a better leader. I’m looking forward to the challenges that are ahead for the years to come!