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Spoiler alert: we already work here, so we know what it’s like to be part of the Saint-Gobain PAM team. And we love it! If you’re thinking of joining us, here’s a flavour of what you’re letting yourself in for. All good, we promise.

(Want to cut to the chase? Take a look at what jobs we have right now. To apply, you’ll need to answer a few questions and have your CV ready to upload.)

A job you can be proud of


At Saint-Gobain PAM we make products that makes people’s lives better. The stuff that most of us take for granted. Like access covers that give workers fast access to essential services that run underground – water, telecomms and so on. We make water and sewer pipelines too. So, we need all sorts of people to help us. From our superstars who work with molten metal to mould makers, managers and administrators. You’ll be a ductile iron cover spotter in no time!


Good money…and lots more


Yes, the money's good and very competitive.  But that's not all you get when you join us.  Think lots of holiday, shopping discount vouchers, gym membership, great pension schemes and really good sick pay. Whatever the role, you can be sure you'll be treated fairly.

Work buddies you’ll like


One of the first things you notice about us is how friendly everyone is. Although we’re part of a truly gigantic group, with all the benefits and security that brings, we’re also a tight knit team. We watch each other’s backs and give zero space to bullies, racists, sexists and other undesirables. We make it easy to call out bad attitudes too by actively encouraging people to speak up when they see anything that’s not quite right. 

Everyone is welcome


Let’s be honest. We’re not a leader in diversity and inclusion. We’re at the beginning of our journey and we know we have much more work to do.

Traditionally, working with big chunks of metal could be seen as a very blokey job, but we know that anyone who shows they care, makes stuff happen and wants to do their best is more than welcome on the foundry floor.  If the foundry floor doesn’t sound like your thing, we’ve got lots of other jobs to do too, from logistics to admin, from finance to new product development. All open to everyone, regardless of gender, race, cultural background, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or even your favourite football team.

Basically, we love to have people in our team who bring many different life stories with them. Because that means we get a wider set of views and opinions. And that, in turn, makes us a better, more diverse place to work. So, we’ve got diversity aims and policies in place to make sure that Saint- Gobain PAM welcomes everyone.


Saving the planet since before it was trendy


We melt metal and turn it into useful things that make everyone’s lives better. Metal is expensive and takes lots of energy to melt. So, even before you think about the environmental impact of what we do, it’s always made lots of sense for us to be as efficient as possible. That’s why 98% of what we make is made from recycled metal and 100% of our products can be recycled.

Values that actually mean something


You know how every business loves to yatter on about their values. We’re less talk, more action. That means not being afraid to show we care for each other. It means making things happen by delivering on what we promise. And it means being trusted with the responsibility to be our best – every day.


Ready to join us? Start here…


Take a look at the kind of jobs we have available right now. The application process is pretty slick and simple. Just answer a few questions online…and make sure you have an up to date CV that you can upload when the system asks for it. Every application is reviewed by real human beings – no robots for us, thanks!