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You know how every business loves to yatter on about their values. We’re less talk, more action. That means not being afraid to show we care for each other. It means making things happen by delivering on what we promise. And it means being trusted with the responsibility to be our best – every day.  We made sure our People developed our values - everyone was invited to take part in workshops giving them free rein to come up with values that mean something to them.


Values - Show we care

We listen to each other and value each other

We always consider the impact we have

We’re one team and in it together

We have fun!

Values - Make it happenValues - Make it happen

We adapt to getting things done

We challenge ourselves and others to do the right thing

We act with energy and passion


Values - Be our bestValues - Be our best

We take responsibility for the best we can be

We take pride in the difference we make to our customers & communities

We set ourselves up to succeed



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