Wellbeing at PAM

About us

There’s a lot of people talking about wellbeing these days. That’s because it’s important. But at Saint-Gobain PAM we don’t just sit around making all the right noises, we actually do something positive about it all. When you join us, you’ll be actively encouraged to reach out and get any support you need to look after yourself as well as everyone around you at work. That includes your mental, physical and social wellbeing. So much so, we have dedicated wellbeing Champions who are commited, along with our Executive Board, to caring for our people by delivering the following...  

Simply put, our goal is to:

Give our people the confidence to reach out and to receive the support they need to look after their own and each other’s wellbeing.

Consider mental, physical and social wellbeing with equal importance.

As Wellbeing Champions, we aim to deliver these goals by:

Being a visible and trustworthy Champion for Wellbeing by demonstrating to others, its importance to us.

By supporting and listening to anyone in need in a safe and confidential environment.

Our Executive Board aim to support the Champions by:

Aspiring to provide mentally, physically and socially sustainable work that positively impacts the wellbeing of our people.

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