The ZINALIUM® coating is made up of two layers

  • A layer of 85-15 Zinc-Aluminum alloy, with a surface weight of at least 400g per sq. m, applied by spraying molten metal with an electric arc gun, using ZnAl alloy wire.
  • A semi-permeable protective layer of blue epoxy paint, with an average thickness of 80 microns, applied with a spray gun.

Active protection from generalised corrosion

The ZINALIUM® coating preserves the “active” properties of the Zinc coating when it is in contact with the ground, i.e.:

  • Formation of a generalised, closely bonded, stable protective layer (Zinc hydroxides, etc.) that covers the full surface area of underground piping;
  • Restoration of continuity of the protective layer at any points that have suffered limited damage (impacts during transport, scraping during backfilling).

The biphasic combination of Aluminum and Zinc in the ZnAl alloy enhances the strength of the generalized protective layer. As compared with a pure zinc coating, it extends the field of use (or the service life) in highly corrosive soils as defined in European standard EN545:2010.

Ranges benefiting from ZINALIUM® protection

BLUTOP pipes DN 75 to 160 mm

NATURAL pipes DN 80 to 1000 mm

INTEGRAL pipes DN  80 to 1,000 mm

TAG 32 pipes DN 150/200/250/300 mm

CLASSIC pipes DN 700 to 1,000 mm

Videos and pictures
  • Zinalium Integral range
  • Zinalium Integral range

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